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Friends Only Journal

With great regret - because of changes to LJ and most especially because of excessive spammers who have been posting garbage messages - I will be turning my LiveJournal into a Friends Only journal.

This arena has changed so much, I can't imagine I'll have any new friends here anyway so it probably won't make much of a difference. Most have gone on to other social media forums, and those I know who are still here already have friends-access to this journal.

But I wanted to add some protection to my site. I'm tired of seeing spammers posting obnoxious stuff to my entries and to the communities that I enjoy. I don't want them to have access.

So, if by some weird chance you and I aren't currently LJ friends but are in similar groups (and you're not a spammer), please feel free to message me privately to be added. ♥
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RIP, Queen of Soul

One of my favorite personal memories involving Aretha Franklin:

I didn't have my own car so I often would ride the bus to go to my college classes. One day I was walking from the bus stop, just a few houses away from home, when I heard this music BLASTING through someone's window. It was Aretha Franklin, and I thought, "Someone's got good taste."

As I neared my home, I realized it was coming from our house. It was a gorgeous day and apparently the front door and all our windows were open, so Aretha's voice was coming out loud and clear like someone's personal rock concert.

I walked into the house, stunned and confused, because my mom was always telling me to turn my music down, and here it was just jamming full out. 😁 What was going on??

I followed the sounds of the Queen of Soul all the way down the hall and found my mother in my bedroom, working at her sewing machine, grooving in her seat as my Aretha Greatest Hits CD blasted on my stereo.

I think I stood with my mouth dropped wide open for a good few minutes before she even noticed I was there. Then I said something like, "Damn, Mom, I didn't know you had it in you. Is this what you do when we're not home?" 🤣 🎶🎤

It was like I saw another side of my mom that day, one I'd never seen at this level before, and it was fascinating and really awesome. ♥


What are your favorite Aretha Franklin songs? I love all the most popular ones, of course (RESPECT, Ain't No Way, A Natural Woman, Chain of Fools, Save Me, etc.) but some of my personal favorites are You're All I Need to Get By, You Send Me, Dr. Feelgood, and Baby I Love You.
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