2006 Fish Creek walking path

Friends Only Journal

With great regret - because of changes to LJ and most especially because of excessive spammers who have been posting garbage messages - I will be turning my LiveJournal into a Friends Only journal.

This arena has changed so much, I can't imagine I'll have any new friends here anyway so it probably won't make much of a difference. Most have gone on to other social media forums, and those I know who are still here already have friends-access to this journal.

But I wanted to add some protection to my site. I'm tired of seeing spammers posting obnoxious stuff to my entries and to the communities that I enjoy. I don't want them to have access.

So, if by some weird chance you and I aren't currently LJ friends but are in similar groups (and you're not a spammer), please feel free to message me privately to be added. ♥
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