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Books and TV and movies, oh my!

It's snowing out there so I stayed in and watched a movie tonight, and (even though sometimes I forget) I'm reminded once again how much joy a good story brings me. Something engaging, funny, thought-provoking, suspenseful or just plain entertaining - whether it's coming from a book, a television program or a movie, it transports me and invigorates my mind. It injects me with energy.

And most importantly, it makes me feel like almost anything is possible.

In a time like this, when the country is so brutally divided, when people can be so unkind and disrespectful to one another, I need to believe that good things are possible in this world. I need it.

If anyone's still out there... what are your favorite go-to books, movies or TV shows that uplift you or energize you or make you laugh and make you think? What brings you the most joy?

P.S. Completely random side-note: I baked zucchini bread tonight, and it was gooooood. ;)

Zucchini bread is SO good! Especially when it's homemade! That's awesome. What's somewhat strange but also amazingly good is cream cheese on warm, homemade zucchini bread. My grandmother used to send me that as a care package in high school, haha.

So, right now, I've been rewatching beloved shows (Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes currently) and reading fanfiction. I got my mom, who is thoroughly depressed/scared/anxious about the state of the country, watching Parks and Recreation, which is helping her a lot. Parks and Rec is political, but for the most part it's so light and funny. It's proving to be an excellent distraction for her. :) Leslie Knope is an eternal optimist. I'm trying to get her to watch the West Wing, because she's never watched it before, but it might be too realistic for her right now. EVEN THOUGH IT'S AMAZING!

Speaking of which, I'm probably going to start a rewatch of that show next, because some of those speeches warm my soul/energize me and I love CJ Cregg so, so much.

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That is a very kind grandmother. Homemade zucchini bread = YUM. :)

I've never seen Life on Mars or Ashes to Ashes. What are they about? Do you recommend them?

I thought about rewatching West Wing, but I think - like for your mom - it might be a little too realistic for me right now. Or, I think it's too idealistic right now - I'd probably watch it and wish our governmental officials were more like the characters on West Wing, and then I'd get depressed and anxious all over again. But definitely at some point I'll rewatch the series because it's too good to ignore. It really is amazing. ♥ ♥ ♥
Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes are British sci-fi shows that revolve around present-day detectives being involved in accidents and waking up in the past (Life on Mars takes place in 1973 and Ashes to Ashes takes place in 1981.) I adore the shows because the characters are well-written and amazing - especially in Ashes to Ashes which features a female main lead who is phenomenal. The chemistry between the actors is SO good and the shows end really well.

I'm not going to word this well, because it's actually quite difficult for me to articulate exactly why I wouldn't recommend them right now, but one of the main points of the show is examining how much we've progressed as a society - the cops in the past are the racist, misogynist products of a bygone era. One of the main characters, Gene Hunt, is like 4 steps removed from Donald Trump - he's loud, brash, and unapologetically not politically correct. So, as much as I love his character, with the current political climate it's pretty hard to watch (but the show still gives me the warm and fuzzies because I love the characters so much and, as much as I hate to admit it, I still love Gene loads and loads.) The biggest difference is that he is open to being shown that he's wrong or that his methods don't work or that women really can be good coppers - he's mostly bluster.

Hopefully that makes some sense. They're great shows but I could see Gene Hunt being completely offputting and wouldn't want to recommend them without some kind of disclaimer. Also, they're not available for streaming anywhere so they're hard to get ahold of. :(

Yeah, I do agree with you regarding West Wing. During the W era I remember watching and thinking WHY CAN'T ALL POLITICIANS BE THIS WAY every time Josh or Toby or Bartlet would make an incredible impromptu speech. Reality is so depressing.

What have you been reading recently? I have a whole list of non-fiction I need to read, but I'm always on the lookout for good books. :)
There are a couple of movies that I love kicking back with to help me take my mind of crap. All Over The Guy which is a romantic comedy drama...or is it drama comedy? LOL Another one is Shawn Of The Dead which is a zom com rom. :-)

But my geeky self just loves Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who and anything DC and Marvel. They all put me in my happy place. :-)