Aww, yay! I'm always surprised by any time I get one of those, still, after uploading all my (OLD) fics to AO3 after a sweet girl on Tumblr wanted to read one of them after I'd already just fully locked down my LJ. It's a bit of a strange feeling with some of them, because I'm not particularly fond anymore of all of them, but... it's still nice to know someone out there is still reading and liking them anyway!

P.S. Did you finish Wild Thing, by the way? I've been really curious (especially after Josh popped back onto my radar in recent weeks, lol). And you know I look forward to catching up on comments with you here on LJ, whenever you actually manage to find the time required to read those couple of novels I've posted recently, LOL.
You're a very good writer so you deserve it!
Re: Kudos
Thank you so much, Maria! ♥

How are you doing after such a difficult few days?