Belle reading by the fountain

Tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie, and we'll provide the rest...

I have to wait an entire year for this?

It looks gorgeous.

Will they be singing, though? Is it a movie or a movie-musical? She's already got the bookishness down pat, no question -- hi, Hermione! -- but can Emma Watson sing?

If she's going to be Belle, she better bring it. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite of the newer Disney animated films, my very favorite. I can still remember seeing it in the theatre with my best bud Todd. With the new technologies available, the images felt more real than the older Disney flicks, from the shimmering petals falling off the rose to the ever-building show of "Be Our Guest" to the way Belle's ball gown swirled and then swung back into place just like a real dress would, as she danced with Beast. It was so easy to get swept up in the story and the vibrant images and the beautiful music. Everything felt so funny and lovely and magical.

And Belle wasn't just some flighty princess. To me, she felt different from the usual female characters. A girl who loves to read and sing, whose dream room is a library filled with marvelous books, who daydreams of an interesting, exciting life? Of course it's my favorite.

So I want this film to be everything awesome, and I want to see it now, please.

Belle reading at the fountain

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more than I can tell
And for once it might be grand
To have someone understand
I want so much more than they've got planned..."

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It does look pretty. I think Emma Watson is going to be great! I do believe she's got a decent voice. Although, I can't remember what I heard her sing.
I didn't know you were such a fan! (My all-time favorite princess and Disney film is still Ariel/The Little Mermaid, but I enjoy this one very much, too. The whole '84-'94 Disney renaissance period is pretty special to me.)

Have you ever seen Waking Sleeping Beauty? It's a great documentary about that period with the studio, but the stories about the production of Beauty and the Beast are especially touching.
I saw the original at the cinema too. It was so groundbreaking animation-wise, especially the ballroom scene.
Hoping this will be great.