Merlin - Sleepy Studying

Sleep is Good and Necessary

You know those people who say they don't need much sleep? The ones who say they only need four or five hours of sleep and they're ready to take on the day?

Screw that.

I mean, good for them if that's really true. Maybe that's their superpower, not needing much sleep.

But I need it. I NEED IT. NEEEEEED.

And when I don't get it? I'm slow and groggy and crabby and short-tempered. Even if I don't express any of it, it's bubbling within me and it's only a matter of time before I snap, especially if you keep pushing me.

I need sleep.

Sleep is very good to me. When I get a good night's sleep, anything feels possible.

So you understand me when I say that I did not get enough sleep last night and today I feel like a slug. My brain is sluggish. And nothing I've done has kicked it into gear - not a healthy smoothie including spinach and banana, not a brownie (trying for a hit of sugar there), not a bottle of water, not slow deep breaths of wonderful oxygen, not getting up from my desk and walking around my apartment for a few minutes. None of that did shit.

That's because my body knows none of that is what I really need.

I really need some damn sleep.

How much sleep do you usually need, my friends?

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