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Why can't I RELAX??!?

I had a super busy month, finally got caught up on all my web design work, yet for some stupid reason I can't give myself permission to relax and simply enjoy the weekend in whatever way I want?

WTF is wrong with me??

I even worked on a website yesterday afternoon, even though it could have waited until Monday. And today, my brain keeps saying, "You should really sort through and re-organize the folders on your desktop. You should really go through that giant box of photographs from decades ago and finally decide which ones to keep, which ones to display, which ones to toss because they're blurry and pointless, etc., so you can get that box out of your living room. You should really clean up that pile of papers on your desk. You should really clean your apartment. You should really get some exercise, maybe go for a walk (even though you have a blister on your heel from the last long walk you took and right now it seriously hurts to put on your shoes). You should really..."


Why can't I allow myself one weekend, or hell, just one DAY to do whatever I feel like, even if it's not Super Responsible Adult or Super Productive? Why can't I just take the afternoon to read a book? Or watch a movie marathon? Or go sit in a coffee shop and drink cocoa and people-watch? Or any number of things that have no real point to them but are just... fun?

When did I stop knowing how to do stuff for the sake of FUN?

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Welcome back! Been missing you.

Do you need permission to relax? I will give it to you! GO AND RELAX!
Hi, Kat! Glad to be back. I'm trying to stick my head out of my shell every so often, just a little bit more.

And thank you for the permission to relax! I need to give it to myself. *GRIN*

This past weekend I tried to do just that. I slept in on Saturday, I read in bed, I went for a walk because it was finally warm enough and I wanted to soak up some sunshine and fresh air, I did what I wanted to do, even if there were still things I "should" do. It was good.


How are you doing? Did you have a good weekend?