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You know how there's such a VAST amount of fanfiction out there? Some good, some bad, some really really ugly?

And how some are just complete and shiny jewels that speak to you above all else, and you feel like, "Ah, at last I've found you"? And you make sure to bookmark this new favorite author because you love their style and what they have to say about the characters and because you don't want to miss a single new story?

There's just something sad about what happens when a show ends. Everyone's writings and commentaries for the show start to peter out, and then (sometimes) it stops completely.

But what's really sad is when your favorite authors move on to new fandoms... but it's not a fandom you're into so you don't get to read their awesome writings anymore, unless they start up in a fandom you also connect with.

A writer (whose work I enjoyed) just switched to a new fandom that I don't watch. Bummer!

That is all.

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I haven't read fic in years (my interest in reading it kind of died along with my interest/participation in fandom in general, which is all but nil these days), but I remember back in the day when I did, and it would always bum me out when this happened. (Even worse, when it was a switch to a show I was aware of, but really disliked, so I knew I could never follow them, lol.)

Gah, seeing this reminds me I have an update I sorely want to post before too much more time passes... Must get on that soon...

And I only seem to be really reading fanfic when I'm also writing. So completely out of it for a couple of years now :\